About Us

Whenever the conceptualization of an award to be given to awardees comes about, the first few parameters that appear at the onset are:

  • What is the award being given for?
  • To whom the award is going to be given?

Today, when we live in a touch-click driven fast-paced society, one of our garden kingdom plant gives us a valuable insight: Touch Me Not! The primary reason for this mention is, with the proliferation of the technological upgradation happening all around us, humanity and humanitarian principles appear to be dissolving in pain, in and around us in an invisible manner. We do not desire a time-patch where humanity becomes extinct owing to the excessiveness of touch-clicks!

It is the rare stalwart outliers, who take the stride out of the trench like a phoenix to protect, secure, sanctify, defend and prevent the society in a situation of humanitarian crisis afflicting the society. Manifesting a society that breathes on the principles of universal love, brotherhood, compassion and coherent trustworthiness and reliability, these outliers have in their own revolutionary ways, contributed towards the society; to make the world a better place to live in and heal it just the same. 

To hail the spirit of such humans who personify humanity, we have undertaken to felicitate and award such citizenry who have done magnificent contribution in their respective fields and fraternities of the diverse functionalities of life. When the excruciating efforts taken by such silent brave warriors are appreciated, it gives strength and encouragement to keep up with the strength with which they can continue to take strides of courage and compassion in an unhindered way. We believe that our gesture of Signature Awards will help take the society in the right direction of progressive pathways of a successful nation and a successful society.


"The conceptualization of this event wouldn’t have been possible without the able support of our co-sponsorers. We extend a heartfelt gratitude to our co-sponsorers.”