A pioneering initiative of Dr. Kailash Nath Gupta, founded in the year _____________, Centre for Chest Diseases has been dedicatedly serving ailing patients for over decades now. It is not merely about the   symptomatic qualms but rather redressing the root causes of all ills. An all-encompassing coverage of chest related diseases and breathing disorders,Dr. Kailash Nath Gupta has carved out a niche in this area of specialization. Founded with the conceptualization of providing cost-effective treatments across diverse stratas of society, the Centre for Chest Diseases has ever since been the most coveted Health Centre for redressing painful heath qualms in this domain of diagnosis, prognosis, preventive care and curative treatments.  

Vrihnla Foundation, established in the year _________, has been an advent in the direction of serving a sensitive and critical social cause. A sect of the society that has faced tremendous pain and subjugation has had been the third gender. With a view towards contributing to this cause, Vrihnla Foundation has undertaken to empower the third gender by provision of adequate infrastructural facilities along with employment opportunities whilst along-side making adequate provisions for their endocronological& allied health concerns. It needs a lion’s heart to address these critical concerns of society with such amount of compassion and care.

The Signature Awards will be given by these two organizations recognizing the silent warrior winners of the society who feel the pain of the underprivileged and/or grievously affected sects of society. While feeling the pain of the diverse fragments of society that are utterly suffering in brutality whether; emotional, psychological, physical, material or allied parameters; these heroes, whom we seek to honour are outstanding stalwarts in their silent zones of epitome of excruciating efforts towards their monumental constructive contribution dedicated towards nation-building and societal healing.


"The conceptualization of this event wouldn’t have been possible without the able support of our co-sponsorers. We extend a heartfelt gratitude to our co-sponsorers.”